Positive Parenting Course – the primary years


“…no matter where you are at it is just a great encouragement.”

“I didn’t really think I had much to learn to be honest…but I’ve learnt loads!”

“…it helped me so much”

This course aims to help you build firm foundations, have confidence in your parenting skills and to build strong, healthy family relationships.

To help us all to not just survive but thrive as parents and carers!

If you have never been on a course like this before, may we reassure you that it is very informal.

When: From Saturday 21st October at 7:30pm (six, two hourly sessions)

Where: Dunfermline East Church (back hall)

Who with: 8 parents / couples and your facilitators Alice Anderson and Sarah Donn

Cost: £6 per person or £10 for a couple, which includes your parent handbook and refreshments.

If it is possible for your partner to attend then we would highly recommend it, but it is not essential.

We predict that there will be high demand for the course, so it is appreciated if you are able to commit to the full six weeks of two hour sessions (21st Oct – 25th Nov).

Please fill in the form below to reserve your space!  

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